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The Heat is On

It’s not just hot outside. It’s Texas summer heat. Chickens serve up pre-fried eggs, dogs refuse to take walks and grateful people write their air conditioning repair person into their will.  Yes, it’s the time of year for the pool party, where nothing will stop you or your best twenty friends from getting into your swimming pool, even if it feels more like a lukewarm bath.

Whether it’s you, your family or your invited guests, refreshment is probably the main priority when it comes to using your pool. Since you, the homeowner, carry the liability risk, take precautions to make your pool area safe as possible so that a claim doesn’t sink you.

Around the Pool

Your guests probably don’t want to think about emergency numbers or CPR. Do it for them. Post emergency numbers somewhere visible and it wouldn’t hurt to for you or a family member(s) to know CPR and/or basic water lifesaving skills.

Since it’s your pool and your risk, put in some rules and post them where all swimmers can see. Speaking of swimmers, ask whoever plans to go into the pool whether or not they can swim (definitely parents of kids). If anyone says they can’t, you or somebody you trust should know who that person is, where they are, and when they are in the pool at all times.

Before you determine it safe to go back in the water, keep it safe around the water. If there are small children at the pool party, it’s a good idea to put in place a protective barrier in place. Kids are drawn to water like Michael Phelps to gold medals. Since they might want to get in as soon as possible, don’t let them get in before mom and dad are ready to supervise.

Trust Your Guests (A Little)

Offer sunscreen, flotation devices and reach sticks available and easy to access. For those who can’t swim well and didn’t come prepared with their own flotation device, readily offer them one. Babies and toddlers need adequate flotation devices before allowing them into the pool.

Your guests should arrive with the best intentions, but it’s your party, you can supervise if you want to. You or another trusted individual should take turns keeping an eye on those swimming in the pool. If there is alcohol consumed at the party, keep it out of reach of kids and teenagers and limit the intake of those supervising the water.

Do a clean visual sweep of your pool area before, during and after your guests arrive. Prevent electronics, broken glass or potential stumbling blocks around the pool. Also, keep in mind pests that could ruin a pool party if they aren’t kept at bay, e.g., snakes, wasps and mosquitoes.

In the Pool

Now that it’s safe around the water, make sure all is safe in the water. Keep your pool water adequately cleaned and treated.

Intoxicated people shouldn’t go in or near the water. Where possible, don’t allow anyone to swim alone. Since what happens on your property is your problem, determine what is appropriate regarding who should and should not be in the pool together.

Since your pool most likely requires mechanical features to function, don’t let the pool filters, vacuum, jets, etc. become a danger to those in the water, especially the swimmers with the little fingers.

Ask Your Broker

It’s your house, your pool, and your rules. It’s your job to host a great party while keeping everyone safe. Think things over beforehand and make the pool and the surrounding area are safe. What happens during the party is also a risk worth considering. Check with Insurance For Texans about your current coverage and we’ll make certain you float this summer and beyond. And though we have a ton of fun saving you money up front while covering your back, don’t forget to invite us to the pool party.

After all, it’s hot outside.

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